BCCA Guide to Builders Lien Act

BCCA - A Guide to the Builder's Lien Act

The information contained in this Guide is intended to introduce and assist members of the construction industry with regard to Builders Lien Legislation in force in British Columbia at the time of printing this Guide. It is in no way intended to replace consultation with legal or other expert professionals nor is it offering legal advice. We recommend that in all cases reference be made to an official copy of the Builders Lien Act [SBC 1997] Chapter 45.

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Click here for BCCA's response to the 2019/2020 consultation paper to the Builders Lien Act.

New: BCCA Procedures Concerning Construction Contracts and Close Out of Projects (This Document is temporarily unavailable as it is currently under review)

We offer the following additional links to assist with any questions pertaining to the Builders Lien Act in British Columbia.

Builders Lien Act - S.B.C 1997, Chapter 45

Builders Lien Act - Builders Lien Public Bodies Holdback Account Exemption Regulation

BILL 45 - 1998: Builders Lien Amendment Act, 1998

Lien Certificate of Completion and other Lien Forms (to certify Substantial Performance / Substantial Completion)

        Certificates of Completion 'How To' Paper (with acknowledgment to Jenkins Marzban Logan LLP)

User Information on the Builders Lien Act